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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Would you like to know what is wrong with Duval County's Public Schools?

The district today announced a series of staff changes to run our turn around schools (see press release below) and does anybody else see the problem? Teachers started arriving last Wednesday, kids come this Monday; what exactly does the district think can happen in less than a week? Shouldn’t these announcements been have made months ago so the schools could have been running on all cylinders?

The superintendent also announced he was seeking to contract with the EMO Education Directions to take over all the intervene schools; they took over four just last week. Did the district just go “no mas”, and say we can’t fix these schools. Did they give up? Furthermore did nobody at the school board building have a calendar and notice school was starting next week. This is another decision that should have been made months ago.

The truth should be painfully apparent to everybody by now that the district doesn’t really have a plan. All they have been able to come up with is to switch administrators and staff around hoping to find the right mix, while all this time the solution has been staring them in the face. Rigorous classes, disciplined halls and a realistic curriculum would turn these schools around but for whatever reason the district continues to throw staff and one failed plan after another against a wall as if they were paint hoping something sticks.

The whole city should throw up their hands and say no mas; we can’t take it anymore.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) Announces Staff Changes
for Turnaround Schools

Jacksonville – In order to increase academic achievement in the Turnaround Schools, DCPS’ has announced several staff changes in the Turnaround Clusters to enhance the support of these schools.

Addison Davis and Dr. Lillie Granger have been named as executive directors in the Secondary Turnaround Cluster. Davis was most recently the Principal at Terry Parker High School and has a proven track record for improving schools. Dr. Granger, a former DCPS administrator and consultant for the University of Florida Lastinger Center also has extensive experience assisting high-needs schools.

Debbie Sapp, the current Principal at Garden City Elementary School has been promoted to executive director in the Elementary Turnaround Cluster. Ms. Sapp is on a one-year assignment in this position to work with schools that went significantly backwards.

Other changes include:
· Scott Snyder, a former Assistant Principal at Ribault and Robert E. Lee high schools will return to DCPS and assume the role of Principal at Terry Parker High School.
· Aszloyn Wakefield, the Assistant Principal at Louis Sheffield Elementary will become the Principal at Garden City Elementary School.
Superintendent Pratt-Dannals will also be recommending to the School Board an expansion of the current Educational Directions, LLC contract to include the district’s three new Intervene high schools, A. Philip Randolph, Ed White and Forrest.

“We are aggressively working toward increased academic progress in our Turnaround schools, and these changes will help us pursue success and restore them as a crown jewel of the community, said Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals. “I’ve chosen staff that I know can have a high impact in a critically short amount of time.”

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  1. Allison Davis is the most incompetent idiot that could have been hired to help Duval County "turn around" schools. He must have performed unnatural acts on his superiors to be in this position.