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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Does the Times Union support bigotted opinions about education?

Anne Coulter recently called teachers useless on the Fox and Friends television show. The Times Union often prints her editorials. I understand the Times Union in its editorials is interested in having multiple views expressed but do those views have to come from people filled with ignorance. Despite the state education finds itself in, reasonable people agree that teachers are not useless.

Would the Times Union accept an editorial from a Holocaust denier or a Nazi or someone who thinks America deserved 911? I don’t think so but then it takes editorials from someone who denigrates hundreds of thousands of Americans who have dedicated their lives to the country’s children. They spend their own money, they give their own time, their own families are often called upon to sacrifice and recently they have come under attack from people who quite frankly aren’t in the schools nor are interested in going in to them to see what the actual problems are. When the Times Union prints her editorials it is giving tacit approval of her bigoted and uninformed opinions

Giving different points of view is one thing, spreading hate and ignorance however is another.

Chris Guerrieri
School Teacher

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