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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Florida Education Association sues state over merit pay law

TALLAHASSEE — The statewide teachers union will announce tomorrow plans to sue the state over a new teacher merit pay law that took effect this summer.

The new law, passed by lawmakers this spring and signed by Gov. Rick Scott, ties teacher pay to student performance on standardized exams and eliminates long term contracts, instead giving teachers a year-long deal. The Florida Education Association said that it would likely sue the state if it was passed into law, but spearheaded two other lawsuits before tackling this one.

The FEA is already suing the state over changes to the public employees retirement plan and a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow tax dollars to go to private, religious institutions, such as religious-based schools.

The FEA will announce its suit at a news conference tomorrow morning at its headquarters in Tallahassee

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