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Thursday, May 24, 2012

As predicted 3rd grade FCAT scores plummet

From the Tampa Bay Times, by Jeff Solochek

FCAT third-grade results are beginning to trickle in ahead of the state's official release later today. These scores are important, because third graders who score Level 1 in reading may be held back if they cannot demonstrate their grade-level proficiency by an alternate test or a portfolio, unless they qualify for a state-approved exemption.

Early numbers show that 56 percent of third graders statewide demonstrated grade level proficiency of Level 3 or better on the reading exam this year. That's down from 72 percent a year ago, and about on target with state projections of 57 percent passing after the Board of Education increased the passing score this spring.

Under the new, tougher test and scoring standard, 58 percent of third graders scores Level 3 or better on the math FCAT, down from 78 percent a year ago. The passing rate is in line with state projections, which forecast 56 percent of third graders at Level 3 or better in math.

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