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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Betty Burney or George Maxey, who has the real ethics violation?

George Maxey was a popular principal that the district let go. Betty Burney led the charge to do so. He was fired for lying to the police, attempting to covering up a student theft. He had the items returned and did quickly recant but in the eyes of the board the damage had already been done.

Mrs. Burney on the other hand has a ten-year-old ethics charge against her and nearly seven thousand dollars in fines. By all reports her way of dealing with this was just to ignore it and sadly that has usually worked for many politicians.

The biggest difference is Maxey lost his job but at the same time he owned up to it and Burney dodged it.

Look, people make mistakes, (read Chris Guerrieri’s Skeletons), I have made more than my fair share myself but I don’t think the issue here is the ethics violation itself, it’s the lack of action to resolve it while criticizing others and the self serving reasons she gave that have people so outraged.

Mrs. Burney you have to practice what you preach or you have to stop preaching.

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