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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Does Dr. Young of Ribault hold the fate of the school district in his hands?

This is what we know. We know he has led teams of teachers that have turned around several schools. These teachers generally respect and like Dr. Young speaking about how he supported them and empowered them. We also know Dr. Young will be out of a job in a couple weeks having resigned. What we don’t know is why.

What’s going to happen if Dr. Young comes back and says, the reason he left was because people with lesser qualifications passed him over for promotions. What if he says his school was micromanaged by education directions and they proved more of a hindrance than help. Or what if he says Duval is dysfunctional, who you know rather than your ability determines placement in jobs and it’s reliance on scrubbing the numbers hurts kids and teachers alike. What is going to happen if he says one of those things? What if he says them all?

The school board has been a master of cognitive dissonance able to ignore teachers and the evidence in front of them but I don’t think they could ignore Dr. Young too.

So for now the whole city holds its breath and wonders why this capable and successful educator has decided to move on.

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