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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Duval County School Board doesn’t understand discipline.

Have you ever seen a cat eat a canary? What about heard the expression? It is supposed to produce a wide grin. There was the school board with smiles on their face congratulating themselves about the cosmetic changes they made to the code of conduct. Speaking of the changes, how many times do you think a kid can curse a teacher out and or commit simple assault before the school system says enough? Well just 4 times my friends, four times.

What the Duval County School Board doesn’t understand is they can put whatever they want in the code of conduct but it might as well be blank if they don’t have principals that back teachers up or principals that ignore discipline.

One way to help improve discipline is by stop tying principal’s evaluations to referrals and suspensions one of the things they are currently evaluated on. A Chinese wall should be created that shields these stats from the superintendent or at least this superintendent anyways who has all but mandated the gutting of discipline.

So good job school board way to do nothing but eat that canary.


  1. Glad to see you learned how to spell teach!

  2. How does this comment add to the conversation? The answer is it doesn’t but for some reason it gives you some satisfaction to make it and if you are not adding to the conversation all you are doing is wasting your and my time.