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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Duval County School board has been mind controlled by the Broad foundation.

See the letter from Becki Couch talking about how all the board does is set policy (Becki Couch responds to parent). Listen to Betty Burney’s opening remarks at a school board meeting and you will hear the same. They point to the superintendent as the chief executive officer and how the day to day operations falls to him and where this is true it is also bad governance and allows the school board to pass the buck.

How can the board know if the policies they have set are being carried out unless they are in the schools meeting with teachers, principals and students, how can they know if the policies they set are effective or not unless they do the same? The answer is they can’t but all too often the board has been content back to sit back and go to ribbon cuttings and let the super run roughshod over the district. They have remained willfully ignorant shrugging their shoulders saying, who us, we just set policy.

They should have been in the schools all along especially since the superintendent has no qualms about keeping them in the dark, 100 million dollars found in the couch cushions or schools of the future anyone?
Did the board set policies gutting discipline, ending student accountability and marginalizing teachers, because that is what has happened over the last five years since Pratt-Dannals became superintendent? I don’t think so but now as they begin to improve those things they seem to think they should be held blameless.

This they set policy and that is all mantra comes from the Broad foundation, the darling of Burney, Hazouri, Broner and the Times Union but the enemy of public schools everywhere. They aren’t for open governance encouraging school boards to make important decisions away from public eyes and to always vote unanimously once the outcome has been decided among many other anti-public education and teacher initiatives.

We have allowed their hidden agenda to creep into our school system and our teachers and children have paid the price for it. Hey school board instead of stumbling around like mind controlled zombies uttering, policy over and over again why don’t you get in the schools and see what your policies have wrought. Like most of us you will not be all that impressed.

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