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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who runs our schools Ed Directions or the Duval County School board

The popular principals at two high schools, Ed White and Ribault, Benjamin Perry and James Young have been forced out of their schools. Dr. Young after making great strides and Dr. Perry after just one year.

What else did they have in common? Reportedly they bucked the micromanagers from Ed Directions.

Who knows what Dr. Perry could have done because he was forced out after one year, I do know his staff liked and respected him. Dr. Young on the other hand, also respected by his staff, has evidence backing up the progress that was made under his leadership.

And we wonder why our schools are in trouble.


  1. I fear the end is near. Ignore parents, ignore teachers, sell the system to Ed inc. Line the pockets of elected officials and finally line the pockets of admins who are supposed to protect the profession. The intimidation of the teachers takes longer, but it is do-able since the CAST system and SB-736 is in place which enables inept, self-serving admins to loot the system or what is left of it.

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  3. I heard from one of the teachers that people at Ed White did not like the principal and called the superintendent about him. I understand they met with people "down town" about their concerns.