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Friday, September 7, 2012

Why is teacher benefit and pension cuts good, but taxing the rich bad?

It always befuddles me that the same people who are calling for teachers to pay more for their benefits (they really aren’t that great or cheap anymore friends) and to contribute more to their pensions are the same ones that always scream the loudest when raising the tax rate on the nation’s wealthiest individuals is discussed.

I guarantee that teachers feel that three percent pay cut a lot more than those making over a million would and friends if you are going to use the, the we must protect the job creator argument think about this.

In tenth grade I asked Natasha Green to the prom and then waited for days by the phone for her to call me back. At some point I had to realize it just wasn’t going to happen, i.e. where are the jobs. You know who creates more jobs? A vibrant middle class purchasing goods and services or at least that’s what most economists say.

So the next time you shout for teachers to contribute more to their pensions will you at least also shout for those at the top to pay a little more too. After all fair is fair.

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