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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Superintendent Vitti admits Teach for America leads to increased turnover but sticks with them anyways?

Below is part of a note he sent to the John E. Ford K-8 community

In addition, I have communicated to our Human Resources Services department that new Teach for America (TFA) teachers not be assigned to Ford thereby reducing potential for increased turnover.

Right there he admits TFA leads to increased turnover. WOW

Since that is the case, instead of investing in finding people who will be life long educators why are we investing in these hobbyists?

No I am asking you. Why are we wasting time, money and training into them when the district knows they will most likely leave? 

1 comment:

  1. Chris - please keep the pressure on Vitti - he clearly is not prepared to provide the leadership required of a Superintendent - he behaves like this is a game called "Lets play Superintendent" and he demands to be the Superintendent and picks playmates to assume supportive roles. He is deceiving this community with his arrogance and phoney charm. The Board cannot separate reality from fantasy and Chartrand is the Wizard behind the curtain;. He is a bully and a coward combined who is a self promoter of the worst kind - publicly denouncing LeRoy for having plagiarized his 100 day plan was a joke - his self evaluation reflected how out of touch he is with reality - he has no grasp of the budget and is busy promising computers for every student, football trips to Miami, new staffing configurations etc without any sense of the financial impact. His community outreach pales by comparison to individuals like Peter Gorman when he first went to Charlotte. He is good at talking and he sold enough people a bill of goods to get the job but is clearer every day that he lacks the experience and ability to deliver.