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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Duval County’s librarians were right, the sky was falling

Last spring librarians were saying they were being forced out and the super assured them this was not true. I wrote at the time there was a huge disconnect between what he was saying and what they were hearing. Well friends it turns out the librarians were right and the sky was falling. 

There are 28 schools that had librarians last year that don’t have them this year. There are two schools that didn’t have librarians last year that have them this year. There is a slight up tick in librarians in elementary schools though many just have them half time but in middle schools and high schools they have been gutted.

And once again for a district with a reading problem and where through the addition of common core writing and research  is going to become more critical it really is a shame.

To see the bloodletting, click the link:

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