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Monday, September 16, 2013

Gary Chartrand attacks the class size amendment again.

A couple things, first his children attended schools that had smaller class sizes and often elite prep schools advertise them. None say, hey come to our schools and we will pack them deep.

Second, if only my class had 30 rather than 22 kids then I would be a better teacher, said no teacher ever.
Finally people like Chartrand and Bush and Thrasher and the pro privatization crowd like to point to 

Florida’s improvement but never acknowledge the citizen driven class size amendment. They usually just ignore it though Chartrand does routinely attack it.

Last Summer I asked then Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson, the state says the FCAT has led to increased scores, I say it is smaller class sizes, why are you right and I am wrong?

He didn’t say I was wrong, in fact he said both played a role in increasing test scores.

Usually these guys are on message but Chartrand can’t pass up a chance to show us how ignorant he is.  
 Today in the Palm Beach Post he said: Florida Board of Education Chair Gary Chartrand, an appointee of Gov. Rick Scott, used a K-12 education discussion to tee-off on the state’s class-size amendment, approved by voters over opposition from Bush in 2002.

“In my opinion we are wasting money to the tune of half-a-billion dollars a year,” Chartrand said Friday.

The amendment, which imposes limits on the number of students in classrooms, withstood a ballot effort in 2010 to revamp it to apply only to a school average. Chartrand said that’s the standard he’d like to see applied, allowing money to be redirected to improve teacher performance.

Limiting the number of students in a class doesn’t help kids achieve but rather is just “wasteful spending,” he said.

What’s wasteful is the state of Florida paying him a salary.

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