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Thursday, September 19, 2013

If Jeb Bush was for puppies I would have to rethink my stance on them or why I am against common core.

Let’s go over a few of Jeb Bush’s biggest hits.

Poor kids should have vouchers to go to private schools, just not the private schools his children went to.
Educating children should be like shopping for milk.

Florida’s state colleges of education should be blown up, Taliban style. Okay I added those last two words.

The class size amendment is a failure and who cares if its initiation corresponds with the modest improvements in Florida schools.

Experience and education for teachers doesn’t matter, that’s right education doesn’t matter in education.

We need to rescue education from the tyranny of unions. You know those all powerful unions assuring teacher’s opulent lifestyles.

We need to be student centered. Um, I don’t know any student who wanted to be tested to death, put in a one track fits all curriculum and not be able to go to any classes they might actually enjoy. You know what happened in Florida because of him.  

His latest man crush is for common core. Now I have some problems with common core. It’s untested, people think it might work but nobody really knows. The country is rolling it out before we are ready. It, if you can believe it, calls for even more testing and finally Jeb Bush is for it.  If Jeb Bush was for puppies I would have to rethink my stance on them.

Jeb Bush has done so much damage to public education and then he has the nerve to say, you might be for lower standards but I am not and he beats on unions and teachers like they were piñatas but then has the nerve to say any attacks on common core are political. This man is a snake oil selling charlatan and if he says common core is what we need you can bet your last dollar we need the opposite.

1 comment:

  1. He has done enough damage but not to his pocket. How much is he making with the Common Core or any of the new tests???