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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Northeast Florida educators not elated by Pam Stewart

The headline in the Times Union was, First Coast educators elated Stewart is new state commissioner. Two superintendents, Vitti from Jacksonville and Joyner from St. Johns were quoted saying nice things about her too. Unfortunately for the Times Union they don’t speak for the majority of educators in Northeast Florida.

Why would we want more of the same leadership that has done its best to tear the teaching profession down and who answers solely to Jeb “I think all of the colleges of education should be blown up, larger classes are fine, teachers don’t need job protections and advanced degrees don’t matter, I put my children in exclusive prep schools with well rounded curriculums and small classes where they weren’t tested to death, the opposite of what I want for your kids” Bush.

No we are not elated. We are disappointed and sadly we are used to it.

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