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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey and Rick Scott in their own words

Let’s just look at their words:

From Rick Scott:   “With an exceptional career in education, Rebecca is committed to student success and accountability, and it is clear she will be a tremendous advocate for all Florida students," "Rebecca will help continue to ensure we are holding students to high standards in Florida and giving them the support they need to succeed in college and their career.”

An exceptional career, really? She spent two years as a TFA teacher in New York and then two more as a TFA coordinator and then moved to Miami where she spent 4 years as the TFA coordinator? That’s eight years and it hardly seems all that exceptional to me.

From Lipsey:  “As a life-long educator, I am deeply committed to what is best for children and could not be more humbled to bring my experience to the table.  Having worked closely with principals, parents, educators and students from diverse backgrounds, I know that it is possible for all students to succeed.”

Life long, um again that would be eight years and in fact she had quit TFA to start a consulting company, Radical Solutions. As for being committed to children, her two years in a classroom hardly demonstrates that and if you really cared about kids you wouldn’t have joined TFA in the first place as for the rest of her prose filled statement blah, blah, blah.

This was a terrible pick from a terrible governor and there is no other way to look at.


  1. were is your undergraduate degree and masters in education from