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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tony Bennett’s plausible rehabilitation

Tony Bennett’s supporters are pointing to a report that said his actions were plausible as vindication. Note, the writers of the report say it neither condemns not vindicates him and just explains what happens, but hey what do they know they just wrote it.

Friends we have fallen pretty far if plausible in this case equals vindication. Officer isn’t it plausible this smoking gun in my hand isn’t mine and I had nothing to do with that body over there. If we use their bar then nobody can ever be found guilty of anything again.

You know what convinced me of his guilt? It wasn’t the damning e-mails, it wasn’t the fact his wife took a high paying job with a charter chain that he had thrown business to. It wasn’t even the campaign donations he received from the charter operator either. Nope, it was the fact the story broke on Monday and he wrote his resignation letter on Wednesday, what innocent person, a person who feels he is fighting for the future of children quits like that? The answer is none.

Then Bennett’s supporters have complained that Glenda Ritz his replacement in Indiana and enemy of privatization released the e-mails to the press to smear him. They must think that if only she would have kept his own words under wraps then nobody would have known about all his dirty business. I guess that is plausible but I think it is more likely it would have come out eventually. You see people like Bennett and Bush and Rhee and Chartrand and Gate’s fifteen minutes are rapidly coming to an end. More people are catching on that they aren’t in education to help kids but to advance themselves or to make a buck. They are picking up that charters, vouchers, high stakes testing, merit pay and odious blame the teacher evaluations aren’t making things better but are making them worse. People are also learning about what is happening in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin North Carolina and other places run buy the pro-privatization crowd and they don’t like it.

It’s plausible I guess that Bennett was innocent but then again it’s plausible that at least part of the moon is made of cheese and pigs will gain the ability to fly on their own power too, well just as plausible anyways.

The site gives several definitions of plausibility. 1. Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible: a plausible excuse. 2. Giving a deceptive impression of truth or reliability. 3. Disingenuously smooth; fast-talking:

When his supports say plausible which definition do you think fits the best?

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