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Monday, October 14, 2013

Charlie Crist doesn’t get it about Common Core

From the Tampa Times: "I haven't always agreed with Jeb Bush, I must admit, but I do agree with him that we should continue to push higher and never settle," said Crist, voicing his support for the Common Core educational standards that have drawn criticism from both the right and left.

Pushing higher and settling however are not the issues with common core that most teachers I know have. The massive cost that siphons billions nationwide out of the classroom, the reliance on high stakes testing that suck the joy out of learning (and teaching) for so many and the fact we aren’t ready, are.

Not only don’t we have the technological infrastructure but classes aren’t ready. How are we supposed to start it for the whole system when only the early grades have been exposed? Education is supposed to build on previous learning and with common core that has happened yet.

So Mr. Crist you are right not to agree with Jeb Bush but you also need to pump the breaks on common core and advocate for us making sure we do it right.

Is that too much to ask?

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