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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Doug Tuthill, Step up for Students bashes public education, says public schools aren’t “well suited” for educating children.

Mt. Tuthill definitely has some brass.  While advocating for private schools that take vouchers and charter schools, the first does no better than and the second worse, over public schools, he wrote: School districts have owned and managed public schools for 150 years, and the results indicate they are not well suited for this task.


Um, didn’t we put a man on the moon, build an interstate highway system and don’t we lead the world in innovation and technology? Not bad for a system with results saying it’s not up to the task of educating children.

Let me tell you a little about Mr. Tuthill, he took thirty pieces of silver from Jeb Bush and now runs (in between bashing public schools on Jeb’s blog) Step up for Students, the states voucher program, which took home over 7 million dollars, or the cost of 125 art teachers, in profit last year. He then used some of this money to support pro voucher legislators so he could get more money. Basically he used public money to try and get even more public money while siphoning money out of our classrooms oh and he makes over six figures too.

If he thinks public schools are doing a poor job how can he advocate for things that do worse? Oh, he’s well paid to do so and that should tell you all you need to know about Mr. Tuthill.

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