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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Elusive success and Expansion, KIPP Jacksonville

Three years ago the KIPP school arrived with much fanfare, secretary of education Arne Duncan even showed up to give them a half million dollar grant. Unfortunately the school promptly flamed out and was the worst ranked school in Northeast Florida after its first year.

Now it rebounded in its second year most likely at least partly due to counseling out poor performers and a change in the states grading system which saw a record amount of schools improve and received a B grade but this success to was short lived as this past year its grade dropped to a C but would have dropped to a D if the Chartrand rule wasn’t in effect.

The Chartrand rule, enacted by KIPP benefactor and chair of the state board of education Gary Chartrand said grades of schools could only drop one letter grade no matter what.

Well friends despite little success it is expanding and building a gym too.

KIPP spends about a third more per student than public schools do and has very influential friends but despite this success has been elusive which begs the question why are they being allowed to expand.  

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