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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The JPEF’s shameful use of the military to try and score common core points.

This was their post on Facebook:  We standardize some common and important things to make life, and travel, easier. For example, electricity outlets are the same shape and size across the country, no matter where you go. A set of common learning goals will help children who move into and out of Florida - such as military families - be successful in school. Common Core State Standards will make our state more military-friendly and more attractive to out-of-state businesses considering relocation.

…such as military families be successful in schools, well there you have it friends support common core or you hate the military.

Fact number one, nobody knows if common core will improve education or not.

Fact number two, an endorsement for common core is an endorsement for high stakes testing.

Fact number three, it is going to cost billions of dollars and that is money going to testing companies rather than schools.

Slow down JPEF, slow down.

1 comment:

  1. I am waiting for you to open your own Charter School, so you can hire me and put your philosophy into action. D-C