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Monday, October 28, 2013

Why are private school teachers paid less than public school teachers?

Don Geatz the president of the Florida senate says it is because many teachers wish to avoid the tyranny of the union.  That they would prefer lower pay, worse benefits, no pension and job security rather than be in a union. Our union by the way is so stifling I can barely get them to return an e-mail.

Another reason might be many private school teachers can’t get licenses as public school teachers. You might hate public school teachers but there are minimum qualifications to be one (a four year degree and a license) that private schools don’t require.

When people think about private schools they usually think about places like Bolles and Bishop Kenny and rarely think about the private school operating out of the abandoned strip mall that advertises for vouchers on their web-site.

There are other reasons why some teachers might prefer private schools, smaller classes, the ability to discipline more effectively and fewer ESEOL and ESE kids. Is that worth making substantially less money? I guess to some.

But at the end of the day the reason public school teachers make more money, have generally better benefits, pensions and work protections is because of unions. And one of the reason we have vouchers and charter schools is so the power of unions can be broken.  

Education reformers for the most part could care less about how children do in school.

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  1. Why teachers seak work in private schools may just be there way of expressing there dislike of what has happened to our so called public system, feel safer and know that they don't have to look the other way when passing children who cannot preform. Unions are for them not the children they teach, most think a bigger pay check means better teaching, if it were only so......