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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Duval Charter School Graduation Rates are abysmal. Public Schools reach historic highs!

 Duval County’s graduation rates soared to historic highs, 72 percent but I can’t help but wonder what the rate would have been if all the charter schools hadn’t been pulling the average down.

Duval Virtual Instruction Academy 66.67%

Murray Hill High School 2.78%

Pathways Academy High School 14.63%

Siatech 33.33%

Duval MYCROSHOOL 16.67%

Lone Star High School 1.23%

In fact only one Charter School is doing anything approaching well and that’s the River city Science Academy.

Admittedly the amount of kids that potentially could have graduated from charter schools represents a small number but come on people, that’s abysmal no matter how you slice it.

Why do we have charter schools again? It’s obviously not to prepare students to be successful in life.

To look at our grad rates (you will have to explore some) click the link:

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