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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

School choice advocate likes competition; except when public schools compete against them.

Oy vey, form the “I can’t make this stuff up file” Doug Tuthill of step up for students, which makes millions in public money to manage Florida’s voucher program, wrote in a ReDefined Ed piece: This concern with market share (for public schools) is a logical response to the expanding array of schooling options now available to families, including low-income families. But I’m uncomfortable with school districts becoming businesses in a competitive market place.

I know this sounds counterintuitive, or even hypocritical, coming from the president of the country’s largest private school choice organization.

Um you think it sounds hypocritical??

That’s the thing with school choice defenders, they keep changing the narrative. They say vouchers and charter schools are here to save kids from failing public schools, what they don’t do any better and often do worse, what they meant to say was vouchers and charter schools are here to foster competition, what public schools are competing and bringing students back, well that’s not something they should be allowed to do.

I really wish one of these guys, Tuthill who has gotten rich off the school choice movement for example, would just say; hey I saw an opportunity to make a lot of money so I took it.   

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