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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Florida Legislature puts teachers through hell for what reason?

The narrative they were selling was vast amounts of teachers interested just in Cadillac benefits and summers off were failing our kids and something had to be done. So they passed the odious and poorly named student success act so they could find out exactly which teachers and there were bound to be a bunch, they needed to get rid of. I am sure John Thrasher, Steve Wise and others envisioned long lines heading down to the state's unemployment offices.  

Well it turns out like with merit pay, vouchers, charters, blaming unions and just about everything else that has come out of Tallahassee in the last decade they were wrong once again.  

From the Tampa Times:  For the 2012/13 school year, 97.9 percent of teachers who were evaluated statewide were in the top two categories, effective and highly effective. Less than 1 percent of teachers - or 306 - fell into the lowest category, unsatisfactory, according to initial results released Tuesday afternoon by the state Department of Education.

Teachers played by the rules the anti-teacher Florida Legislature put in place and still came out ahead. Now if only Tallahassee would get out of the way, then we would really see progress. 

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