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Monday, April 14, 2014

Did Duval Teachers United sell out its own teachers?

Section 6 of the memorandum of understanding between the district and union about transferring teachers says:  Additionally, the DCPS may release any current teacher from his/her assignment if it is determined by DCPS in its sole determination, that the teacher is not currently meeting the academic or social needs of the schools population or school community. Additional, at the end of each ear of the agreement a similar school review shall be conducted, however release for subsequent years shall be based on performance measures determined by the parties.

Um, what ?!? Release?? Okay I get they want to bring in experienced teachers, but does release mean out of a job or transferred to another one? Are they going to be able to release veteran teachers and replace them with Teach for America too? We have to meet social needs? Am I expected to play bridge with my kids or go to rap concerts because I have zero interest in either? Are they going to be able to kick transferred teachers to the curb after one year? You know the ones that the principals don’t like or who insist on leaving before six o’clock and having the occasional weekend free?

I would also like to know what the union got in return for all these considerations, for waiving the language of the contract. Because as the district continues to expand TFA and if teachers can be let go for dubious reasons, at the sole discretion of the district, then it doesn’t seem like much.

I feel like the union is Vizzini and the District is the man in the mask and that’s just not fair.  

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  1. So DTU is ending tenure? I suppose Ms. Brady will, as usual, have no comment. Where can I read more about this?