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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Duval’s end game is to bring the Gates Foundation to town.

Oy vey, look I get it we have needs going unmet, but the strings attached to any money the Gates foundation would give us would instead act like a noose.

Gates, in typical rich guy fashion recently said, it will probably be a decade or more before we know if our reforms have worked.

A DECADE, IF?!? What the beep. He said it nonchalantly too because it’s not his kids that will have to endure the failed reforms he keeps bringing to the table.

Does anybody remember his first initiative? Smaller Schools. He reasoned well some smaller schools in places like Nebraska are doing well, let’s replicate that everywhere.  Hundreds of millions of dollars and countless hours of consternation later and small learning communities have gone the way of the dinosaur.

This is the same guy who infamously asked, why would I pay a more experienced guy to cut my lawn, when talking about why experienced teachers  got paid more than rookie ones and who instituted a stack ranking evaluation system at Microsoft that experts say led to its stagnation, which for a while he advocated doing this with teachers saying, just cut the bottom ten percent for a few years.

If Gates, who never taught a day in his life nor worked at a school was a regular guy, nobody would give him and his horrible ideas the time of day.

And this is the guy, Vitti, the board and the other rich guys of the QEA want to bring to town.

Their cure is far worse than the disease.

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