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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Florida’s worst legislators ever, Huston, Palm Coast and Porter, Lake City

Will people vote for anybody with an R next to their name?

From the Palm Beach Post: Rep. Travis Hutson, R-Palm Coast, responded that district-run schools have been failing students as well, and for much longer:

“You show me one charter school that has failed and I’ll show you an F school that has been open for 10 years wasting taxpayer money,” he said.

Rep. Elizabeth Porter, R-Lake City, said district-run schools have had a monopoly for too long and parents deserve more choices, saying that all the opposition to charter schools just comes from public school districts being afraid they will lose money as students move to charters.

Well Mr. Houston I could show you 260 charter schools that have failed, I mean literally failed as no longer in business, talk about wasting tax payer money.

Also public schools have never had a monopoly, there has always been home schooling and private schools and do you really think Porter cares about the fate of our poorer families? She also can’t conceive that maybe people don’t like the mercenary outfits posing as chatter schools because they do a poor job.

They hate public schools so much they are literally willing to throw public money away and kneecap a significant portion of the next generation of Floridians. Good job Palm Coast and Lake City.

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