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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is anybody else tired of Will Weatherford demonizing public schools? How about his absurd hypocrisy?

In the Sunshine news when talking about vouchers: "We believe in choice for everybody," he said. "We believe in choice for children with disabilities. We believe in choice for students who are stuck in failing schools. We believe in choice for people who come from lower socioeconomic status households. We believe in choice. And that's why we put the bills together."

First this guy can’t go five minutes without talking about failing public schools but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to make it easier to open charter schools. You know where children are seven times more likely to be attending a failing school. Failing is only bad for public schools apparently. Also have you ever noticed he doesn’t talk about fixing so called failing schools?

Weatherford also obviously loves vouchers but do you know what he doesn’t love, schools that take vouchers having accountability. He doesn’t think they need them and friends I guarantee you if they were graded the rates at which they failed would be even higher than charter schools.

Finally if he really cared about our lower socioeconomic households, he would insist on funneling more resources into the schools that service them, instead he wants to funnel those families into substandard options.

Choice, choice, choice, failing public schools, failing public schools, failing public schools, blah, blah, blah, his rhetoric is as broken as his ideas.

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