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Monday, April 28, 2014

Is Charter Schools USA trading green cards for investments!?!

Is Charter Schools USA trading green cards for investments?

Let me start by saying, they say they aren’t. No, make that, they adamantly say they aren’t as illustrated by thier retraction demand in response to a re-post I did from Coral Springs

You know I am sorry if I get things wrong from time to time, make that very, very sorry high priced lawyers, who refer to themselves as the Firm, and I am glad to make corrections too, me being wrong hurts my position but you know what gets me? This where they draw the line, this is where they say, no, no, no that is not us. This is the same company that has a business model, their non-profit secures a charter school contract, hires their for profit to manage it while the for profit’s construction arm builds it, that would make Colombian money launderers envious.

They have also sent thousand of dollars to Jason Fischer the Mandarin school board member who voted for a CUSA school to open even though I can’t find anybody in Mandarin who wanted it or thinks its necessary.

And even though they do no business in Delaware that I can see and practically all their business is in Florida where the CEO also lives they are registered out of Delaware, presumably for some low tax dodge purpose. Now I believe they are paying taxes, just less in taxes than they would be paying if they were registered in the state where they did the bulk of their business.  

I could go on for a while but the thought of them associating with a Vietnamese group is somehow beyond the pale. 

Are they basically selling green cards to Asian investors, something other companies have been reported as doing? Immica the Vietnamese company in question which has Charter Schools USA being quoted on their website and images of their schools and videos of their CEO appearing to endorse their schools seems to at least imply there is some type of relationship.

CUSA however says that's not the case, make that says adamantly that is not the case. 

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