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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vitti relies on VAM scores to make important decisions

Transfers are taking place in the county and if some high performing teachers transfer to some low performing schools (re: those that don’t do well on standardized tests) those teachers can make up to 20k extra a year. Now I have covered why I believe this plan falls somewhere between possibly having some short term success and being completely doomed but what gets me now is Vitti is going to use VAM scores to determine who is eligible to transfer and receive the bonus.  

Has Vitti been sequestered these last few weeks? Hasn’t he seen how disastrous and inaccurate they have been? Vitti’s a smart guy but what the beep?!?

You know what I have noticed? That under Vitti the district has gotten really lazy. Need some teachers? Let’ call up TFA instead of trying to find professionals and who cares if it costs an extra 25k per year. Want some teachers to transfer, let’s just use VAM scores and who cares if they are wildly inaccurate, it sure beats getting into the schools and finding out who the best of the best really are.

If we are going to do these things, why don’t we do them right? Doing it wrong assures we’ll have had the same success we have had in the past which sadly has been spotty at best.

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