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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Embarrassed Teach for America employee, Daryl Willie running for SB District 4

I am a bit of a nerd for this stuff, but the truth is August when the primary gets here, is just a few months away.

Daryl Willie is running for school board district four against Paula Wright. I have to say I was very optimistic when she was elected but her four years have been characterized by more than a little hypocrisy followed by asking really tough questions and then voting against what is right for the district, though to be honest she has had plenty of company as the board was Broad trained and one of their tenants is to vote unanimously on things to give the public the appearance that they are all on the same page.

Back to Willie, other than coming from a family full of educators and really, really, did I mention really wanting to help kids, his main claim is his affiliation with an education non-profit. Even though we all know what it is he can’t bring himself to mention by name he works for Teach for America on his site.  First doesn’t that show a little cowardice? He really wants you to know he works for an ed non-profit but if you don’t what it is that’s okay with him as well and so much for really, really, did I mention really wanting to help kids.

You see Teach for America does the exact opposite of what we know to be best for kids. They take non education majors put them through a five week boot camp and then into our neediest classrooms where they are supposed to serve two years (in Jax about a fifth don’t make it two years). After which the vast amount of leave going to grad school or their next Masters Of the Universe project assuring our neediest schools have an ever revolving door of teachers.

This is what passes for a good idea to Mr. Willie an idea he seems really embarrassed to actually mention.  
The rest of his web-site is the typical blah, blah, blah rhetoric. All about ideas but painfully lacking details. Check it out at,


  1. Wow Daryl Willie is an awesome fellow and would make a great member of the School Board. I served on the NC State Board of Trustees with him years ago. I can not imagine a better person to serve.

    1. I have met Daryl Willie and to be honest he seems like a decent guy, but I know a lot of decent guys that shouldn't be on the school board.