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Monday, May 5, 2014

Foundation for Florida's Future attack dog bares her teeth.

When looking at Kate Wallace’s resume two things really stood out, first she worked for Wal-Mart which is known for its cheap products and barely paying its employees and then she interned for Dick Cheney who is known for, well all of you know what he is known for but what I couldn’t find was any education experience, which means all she is, is part of the cadre of Jeb Bush sycophants who have no idea what they are talking about.  

Wallace attacked local education activist Julie Delagal and public education in a recent post in Context Florida and said some pretty outrageous things while doing so.   Let me start with this, she wrote: I’ll never comprehend why opponents of vouchers, charter schools, or public school choice think it’s morally or ethically acceptable to pigeonhole poor children into one traditional public school. And often it’s a school to which they never would send their own children.

Um, Katie education reformers aren’t sending their kids to charter schools or the type of private schools that get vouchers either. Jonathan Hage the CEO of Charter schools USA sends his kid to an exclusive private school and your svengali Jeb Bush was willing to pay nearly 4 times the amount a voucher was worth to make sure his children didn’t go to the same type of private school that voucher proponents are sentencing the poor kids you claim to care about to go to.

She screams that Delagal and the public school supporters are for the status quo, well I want to tell you she is all for funneling children into substandard options which is what charter schools and private schools as a group that take vouchers are. She says accountability for public schools has been a godsend, while her side says ignore the man behind the curtain when it comes to charters and vouchers fighting tooth and nail against the most meager of accountability measures.  

Then for her to say Jeb Bush’s reforms have led to Florida’s improvement and even I admit there has been some, though long time teachers and many parents don’t think Florida was the wasteland that she describes, is beyond the pale.  Other states have not failed third graders, demonized teachers and tied peoples and schools futures to standardized tests and seen improvement too.

At the end of the day she doesn’t care about Florida’s children and she damn sure doesn’t care about its teachers as she says all they are interested in doing is keeping their jobs because if she did she would be fighting to improve the system instead of dismantling it and make no mistake the complete privatization of our public school system is her and her employers end game.

So Ms. Wallace take your thirty pieces of silver and try and sleep at night because we all know what your rants are really about.

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