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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

If the pro-choice crowd didn’t have lies and half truths then they wouldn’t have anything.

First make no mistake choice is just a euphemism for privatization but if they used privatization, more people would resist, since that is the case all the pro-choice crowd has left to rely on to sell their message are half truths and lies.

Take Representative Steve Sclaise of Louisiana for instance. He writes in a Fox news piece: Over the past half century, the federal government has proven that a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to education is ineffective. During that time, the federal government has spent more than $2 trillion on education, and spending per student has nearly tripled since the 1970s.

Unfortunately, this increase in federal spending coupled with the expansion of the Department of Education have yielded largely stagnant results in math, reading, and graduation rates.

Additionally, achievement gaps among minority and low-income students continue to be a problem.

Wow I had no idea things were so bad, accept of course they aren’t.

Since the 70’s the US government has spent 2 trillion on education, or about a third of what we will have spent in Afghanistan and Iraq in the last 13. Does anybody else see a problem here? Where would be if we could have flipped those two numbers? Furthermore has spending really tripled? Maybe if you count expenditures on testing, technology and the fact we basically warehoused special needs kids in the 70’s you might get to triple but do you know what really helps? The fact the United States population went up by over a hundred million since 1970. Furthermore what aren’t we spending three times as much on? Everything is more expensive now but for some reason the representative wants to put a stake in the heart, make that a knife in the back of public education.

As for his other assertions has the representative not read the papers because graduation rates are through the roof? Now I think there has been some cooking of the books but I also think more kids realize you just can’t make it without at least a high school diploma anymore and are staying (being pushed through).  Furthermore when we factor out poverty, the most ignored and important factor in education our scores zoom right to the top of international test scores and maybe society ignoring poverty has something to do with  this pesky closing of the achievement gap problem too.

How is school choice going to fix those things? How is giving money to mercenaries and channeling kids into substandard options, and public schools warts and all are the best thing going, going to improve things?  
The answer is they aren’t but that hasn’t stopped the representative and a majority of congress including a lot of democrats who are supposed to be the grownups in the room from supporting legislation that favors business interests over children’s interests.  

Finally are there problems in education? Yes undoubtedly but the vast amount of them are caused by ignoring poverty and the pro-choice crowd and these people should not be able to manufacture a crisis and then profit off that crisis too. Without lies and half truths these guys wouldn’t have a foot to stand on.

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