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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jason Fischer votes for charter school that gave him money… again!

He did it last month when he voted for the charter school nobody wants the Charter School at Mandarin. It and its affiliates gave him 2k

This time he voted to let the D rated Tiger academy to renew for 3 to five years. It’s not clear because their 13-14-school grade isn’t out and the length of the contract will depend on the grade.

Anyhoo, its chair John Baker II gave Fischer and Smith-Juarez a thousand dollars each. Smith-Juarez was not present at the board meeting.

Fischer could have recused himself, it was destined to pass anyway but instead he put out a neon sign saying give me campaign donations and I’ll vote your way.

There is no appearance of impropriety, there is straight up impropriety! 

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