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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Joe Negron, R-Stuart, Florida’s latest worst legislator ever

I have to tell you guys like him make me feel sick.

From the Tampa Times: Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Joe Negron made the argument for more choices for parents.
"Public schools should not have a monopoly," said Negron, R-Stuart. "We have choices in everything else. We have choices in health care. The default setting should not be every student must go to the public school that is zoned in their district, and if you want to do anything else off the beaten path, it’s unusual." 
First public schools have never had a monopoly; there have always been home schooling, private schools and the option to get involved in your child’s schools to make it the type of school you would like. ‘

Second we should have individual choices about somethings but others serve all of society and all of society is harmed when resources are diverted away. Could you imagine the anarchy if we picked our own police force, fire department, or army we wanted? None would be as effective but for some reason Negorn and his ilk think killing public education by a thousand cuts is the way to go.

Finally I would like to address his hypocrisy, he is sending public money to basically unregulated schools that have zero accountability while at the same time he has voted time and time again to put burdensome and scientifically unsound requirements on public schools.

How the beep does that make sense, how is that fair. The answer is it isn’t but Negron wants to beat the pro-choice drum and hope you don’t notice.

Negron is a prime example for all that is wrong in the system. 

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