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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just what the BEEP is happening in Duval County?!?

Budgeting can never be easy in this time of limited resources and priorities have to be made but with that being said, what the BEEP is happening in Duval County?!?

Last year we need extra security, testing coordinators, more assistant principals and reading coaches and all we had to do was sacrifice the districts librarians. Fast-forward a year and it turns out we don’t need those things as much as we thought we did as they as well as three hundred support staff are on the chopping block. Throw in hundreds of teachers being surplussed and the district announcing it plans to ignore the class size amendment then what’s going on?

It seems like the district is making a concentrated push to save millions and millions of dollars but to what end? No really to what end? The QEA board is supposed to pay for those initiatives so what are all of the savings above going to?

Even during the height of the recession there wasn’t this much churn in staff and I for one am very concerned.

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