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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The absolutely crazy things that Jason Fischer says.

First, oy vey Mandarin, couldn’t you have voted for somebody that at least pretends to care about public schools? What do you have to be so mad about, some of the best schools in the state let alone the county are in Mandarin.

Okay let me get to it, from WJCT: During the public comment portion, Guerrieri also voiced concerns about the campaign contributions some school board members had received from one of the school’s governing board members.

“I hope they’re not being allowed to continue because the chair of Tiger Academy has given at least a thousand dollars to several school board members,” he said.

According to campaign finance records from the Duval County Supervisor of Elections, school board chairwoman Becki Couch, along with board members Ashley Smith Juarez, Connie Hall, Fred "Fel" Lee and Jason Fischer have all received campaign contributions from Tiger Academy Chair John Baker II.
Fischer said that the contributions have no bearing on his ability to make sound decisions as a school board member.

“I don’t think charter school donations affect decisions of board members any more than union donations affect school board members,” he said. “I think different interest groups get involved because they want to see good people in office, not because they’re expecting any favors.”

Um, no Mr. Fischer, they are interest groups because they want their interests taken care of and John Baker, who also donated to your opponents Coree Cuff and John Heyman, didn’t care who was elected because he was hedging his bets. He definitely wanted favors and you came through.

You might think it is okay to take money from people and then vote for their special interests but a lot of us don’t.  

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