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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The ACLU files complaint against single gender schools in Tampa, will Jacksonville be next?

You know who loves single gender schools? Will Weatherford and Cleve Warren, though if I asked the question, you know who dislikes public schools, then I could have given you the same answer.

First you should know the facts. Single gender schools are no silver bullet. Studies say results are mixed at best.

That hasn’t stopped Duval from going full speed ahead with two charters and one public school embracing the concept next year.  

From the Tampa Times: The organization, which launched a campaign called "Teach Kids Not Stereotypes" in 2012, investigated other school districts in Florida, said spokesman Baylor Johnson.
It chose Hillsborough for the complaint because "the records we turned up in our investigation were so egregious and showed widespread problems and violations of Title IX, we had to act quickly."
The complaint says Hillsborough paid about $100,000, much of it from federal sources, to outside consultants to help design the single-gender programs.
"What's especially problematic is when these sex-segregated environments are based on junk science or discredited stereotypes about how kids learn," Johnson said.
"When that's the case we're denying all students, not just girls but also boys, the opportunity for a fair education that treats them as individual students rather than simply based on their gender."

It seems like they have some pretty legitimate concerns there.

I have some concerns too and it’s not so much about the single gender issue. You see I believe districts should experiment to see what works best, my concern is we seem to be going from zero to sixty, when zero to ten is more appropriate, the evidence does not support more.  

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