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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Florida Foundation continues to give Bush credit where no credit is due.

Jaryn Enholf the spokeswoman for Jeb bush’s foundation said, "In Florida since the A+ Plan was passed and implemented in 1999, Florida has reversed a generation of decline in education."  The thing is where she might believe that she cannot prove that.  You see other states that did not embrace Bush’s draconian accountability measures and privatization agenda have also seen improvement. The truth is me saying his reforms have held us back has as much validity as her saying they propelled us forward. I also like how Bush and the foundation refuse to even mention the citizen driven class size amendment and its effects, I mean haven’t our supposed gains coincided with its passage?

Furthermore Bush never mentions how if we factor out poverty then our international scores zoom to the top of the rankings. How is common core addressing poverty? Will it make a hungry kid feel full, a scared kid feel safe, make up their pre-school deficits or get parents who have been absent involved? The answer is no and the truth is we don’t have a standards problem we have a poverty problem. The problem with bush and his supporters is they haven’t figured out how to make money off of mitigating poverty. 

One final point, we should all find it both very interesting and telling how all the parties that stand to make money off of common core have lined up behind Bush to support it, while the parties that won’t make any money, groups mostly composed of teachers and parents are opposing it.   

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