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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vitti, disingenuous or ignorant?

When talking about FLDOE’s investigation into the district’s ESE practices, Vitti said: “There are concerns that the principal may have been using ESE personnel for non-ESE-related issues for more operational type things like bus duty, hall patrol, general disciplinary issues,” he said Wednesday.

Um, “the” principal?  That implies one principal, well at an ESE meeting this past Christmas at least a half dozen ESE teachers in my region alone complained, among other things, that they were being pulled from working with their ESE kids to cover other non-ESE duties and Mason Davis, the director of ESE was in the room with us.

So did he not let Vitti know and he is down playing it or is Vitti just down playing it.

This is bad but I also think the states new policies are partly responsible (more on that later). 

The important thing going forward is just to get it right!

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