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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Absentee study slams Teach for America

From the Times Union: “It matters because teacher attendance definitely has an impact on student achievement,” said Nancy Waymack, who helped oversee the study. “When teachers are absent 10 days, the decrease in student achievement is the same difference between having a brand new teacher and one with two to three years experience.”

Hmm, it seems according to the study experience matters; well you don’t know who has experience? Teach for America teachers and since most leave after two years they don’t get the chance to have any. This begs the question that since experience is so important why is the district insisting on putting hundreds of TFA recruits in our classrooms. It’s worse to because TFA assures we have an ever revolving door of teachers.

This is not rocket science people. If the district wants to be successful it needs to strive to put professional teachers and teachers who will be more than just two and done in our classrooms. 

It is almost like we want to do bad.

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