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Monday, June 9, 2014

School choice advocates pay lip service to poor and mostly minority children.

The school choice movement claims over and over that they are selling their snake oil so poor and mostly minority families can have the same choice, the choice to abandon public schools that richer families have. They think if they repeat this lie often enough then people might just believe it.

Friends, they aren’t giving vouchers so poor and mostly minority kids can attend the same types of schools people like the Obamas and the Bushes send their kids too. You know the ones that believe in the arts, don’t rely on standardized tests and wouldn’t let common core through their gates. Not by a long shot.

They are steering these poor kids to schools in abandoned strip malls, ones with teachers without degrees and that teach creationism as science. These are the schools, 90 percent of which are religious, that they want taxpayers to pick up the bill for.

Now are their some good private schools that take vouchers? Maybe, possibly but the truth is who knows as they and their supporters resist accountability and saying they are required to take some test, doesn’t pass muster. Why do they resist even the most basic of accountability measures, and why can’t one be for teachers to have at least some sort of degree? I believe it is because they know their house of cards will crumble.

Their choice arguments are designed to do one thing and one thing only and that’s to weaken public schools because they know once they are gone they won’t be coming back.

Come back school choice advocates when you want to make all schools like the cathedrals of learning that the Obama children go to but until then especially since you resist accountability like you resist kissing somebody with a cold sore, fewer and fewer people are buying what you are selling.  

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