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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The National Center for Teacher Quality blasts Florida’s teacher preparedness colleges.

They would have you believe the sky is falling but the truth is they are paid to make you think the sky is falling. They are funded by the Gates foundation and their advisory board looks like a whose who from the corporate reform movement and it’s one of those members that should tell you all you need to now.

Wendy Kopp is on the advisory board and also started Teach for America. Teach for America takes non-education grads and puts them through a five-week boot camp before placing them in out neediest classrooms.

How can the NCTQ have a problem with Florida’s teacher colleges but shrug their shoulders at one of their own members who is doing the exact opposite of what we know to be best for our children? The truth is they couldn’t if this was a legitimate organization. Another truth is it isn’t. Their goal is to make people scared about public education so the people that fund them can profit off the privatization and destruction of labor that will follow.

Are there issues in education? Yes undoubtedly but the same people who seek to dismantle and profit off of it have caused many of them. We need to get serious about fixing the issues and step one should be ignoring groups like the NCTQ, which solely exists to clutter the issues.

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