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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gary Chatrand admits he doesn't know what he is doing. The hubris of this guy!

From the I can't make this up file and the Times Union:

Scott appointed him to head the state Board of Education in 2011 after he served several years as the first chairman of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund.
During his time on the state board, some high-profile decisions on state education were implemented including a strategic plan with a controversial set of race-based achievement goals — a formula Chartrand said he supported because it would eventually level the playing field for all students; rigorous new educational benchmarks known as the Florida State Standards; and the high-stakes Florida Standards Assessment, the new statewide test on which student performance and school grades are based. That test debuts this spring.
Chartrand admitted it’s been a steep learning curve. He’s never been a teacher or school administrator. The first six months on the job, he spent getting his “sea legs.”

“I wouldn't call myself really well-versed … I have a lot to learn, but I try to apply certain business principles,” he said.
First every appointee that Scott has done to the state board could say the same thing, I wouldn't call any of them well-versed and second even after being there not much has changed.
But why in Heavens name would he have taken the gig in the first place. Friends if you need surgery or a fifth for your basketball team in the championship game, please don't call me. I will be a liability.
Chartrand on the other hand thought, hey I will do that, how hard can it be doing something I have never done before. 


  1. I don't mind Chartrand showing up to learn. What I mind is that he didn't learn and has used his position for bad policy. I don't mind Chartrand as a successful businessman wanting to get involved in the schools and improve education. What I mind is that he was seduced by bad ideas and has brought about a worsening of education. I don't mind Chartrand putting his money into education. What I mind is that some of the things he backed has not worked out but he can't admit he made a mistake. No one is perfect. Chartrand needs to make an honest assessment and correct course. He could be a powerful force to move our schools ahead. If only he would listen to people who are the true experts.

  2. A guy who would not send his kids to public school, and has no experience in education is in charge of fixing education. This is the apocalypse.

  3. That's the problem. People with money think that they are experts because they have made money. That is literally the only prerequisite apparently.