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Monday, August 31, 2015

Eric Fresen says we should have charter schools just because.

First you should all know the Fresen's family owns and operates charter schools.

Now I will just let his words do the talking for him.

Fresen was less eager to remedy another School Board concern: the proliferation of charter schools opening near A-rated district schools in western communities. 
He said new charter schools won't open if they don't see a market. "You would think if a school is so good already, nothing is needed, but when something new comes in, everyone ends up doing well," he said. "Sometimes schools can get comfortable." 
Board member Laurie Rich Levinson argued that it's not a good use of public resources, especially if new charter schools leave traditional schools half-empty. 
Fresen countered, "I would never put a facility above the academic options of children."
You see who cares if charters waste money or don't do as well, as long as families have a choice. Oy vey, how to self absorbed mercenaries like this get elected? 
Also charter school don't think abut whats best for children, they think how can we make a profit and its disgusting especially since as Levinson put it they often end u doing more harm than good.

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