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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Superintendent Vitti once again shows his deference to charter schools.

Superintendent Vitti had a real opportunity in the Times Union today to stick up for public schools and push back against charter schools. When news of the charter school at Murray hill was closing hit, he could have said, the district will work hard to get rid of charter schools that provide duplicate services, siphon away resources and that do a poor job when compared to the district’s schools.

Instead he shrugged his shoulders and said, “It speaks to the level of collaboration that should exist between districts and charters.” This after the district allowed two poor performing sister schools, which are also  for profit, to continue.

The district should ask itself one question when approving and/or allowing charter schools to exist and that is, can they do a better job than the district. If that’s the case the district should be as helpful as possible but if not and friends the vast majority of times the answer is no they can’t, then the district should do all they can to get rid of them.   
Wouldn’t you rather have a superintendent willing to fight tooth and nail for our kids and schools or one who thinks it is okay to partner with mercenaries and charlatans that do worse? I know I would rather have one wiling to fight.

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