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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Scandal plagued executive confirmed to the state board of eductaion

It didn’t make the front page of your paper and in fact there is a good chance it didn’t make your paper at all but something very important happened in Tallahassee this week and that’s scandal prone insurance executive Tom Grady was confirmed to the state board of education.

Tom Grady is a former state law maker, intern president of Citizen’s Insurance and a close personal friend of Governor Rick Scott but do you know what he is not? He is not an educator.  

He joins an orange grower, a cable television executive, a grocer and a consultant. In fact only one member of the current board has any teaching experience, Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey, and that was over a decade ago in New York City for two years as a Teach for America teacher.

Our public schools get a lot of flak but look who is running them? What other industry is run by people who have no experience doing it and would you call a grocer to fix your plumbing? Yet Rick Scott and Tallahassee think we can be successful this way and I don’t think it is a coincidence that the accountability system has unraveled and the terrible common core have been enacted under this groups watch.

It’s past time our schools were run by professional educators who put our schools and our children above business interests. I guarantee you many of the problems we are experiencing would be solved.

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