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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lori Hershey, candidate for school board District 7

Hi, I’m Lori Hershey candidate for school board district 7.  As a Jacksonville Native I am so ready for our city to have a school district we can believe in. Many of the issues that hinder our schools are mandates that are handed down from D.C. and Tallahassee and that is why I support more local control of our schools. While school boards do not currently set the standards for our schools we do choose the curriculum and Engage New York is developmentally inappropriate. Our curriculum should inspire learning and not stifle it. It should allow educators to educate and not be restricted to script. Our curriculum needs to provide students with the skill set for higher critical thinking and not just harder thinking.

Our school district is a district of school choice. As a mother of four I have lived it and I recognize the value of being able to select the right school at the right time for our students. However, we must not offer choice simply for the sake of choice. Instead we need to be certain that we provide options in education that prepare students for college and/or for the work force upon graduation. Therefore students from all our career academies need to graduate with the necessary certification to pursue their respective career path.

We must keep our schools safe and secure. Have you noticed how many incidences have been reported in the news? I served on the Duval County School Safety and Security Advisory Committee and I recognize the importance of ensuring our campuses are safe. However, our classrooms must also be environments that are conducive to learning.  Proper policies and procedures must be in place to restore teacher authority to the classroom and to shut down disruptive behavior. We need leadership willing to stand behind the policies that are written.

The Duval County School Board has a budget of over one billion dollars. We must cut bureaucratic waste and direct more dollars to the classroom.  If we want to ensure that we retain the best teachers and recruit the most qualified teachers then we must also address the fact that Duval County ranks 98th out of the country’s 113 larger school districts regarding teacher pay.

We have policies in place that need to be revisited and revised. We have to allow educators to educate and improve teacher morale. We live in a great city and Jacksonville deserves a school system that it can be proud of and more importantly one we can believe in. Let’s move education forward in Jacksonville. Please visit my website: or contact me via email:

I look forward to hearing from you and I ask you today for your vote on August 30th.

Contact Information:
3371 Heathcliff Lane
Jacksonville, FL - 32257

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