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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Chauncey, Howland and Willie take corporate cash that will lead to the privatization of our schools

Money without a doubt played a huge roll in the recent school board election results and we should all be concerned about where that money came from.

In district 2, Elizabeth Andersen spent $5,236.99 and received 4,823 votes for $1.09 a vote.
Nick Howland spent $51,496 dollars or nearly ten times as much and received 6,678 votes for a cost of $7.72 per vote. I am told he spent 17 grand on his commercial, for a businessman that is a terrible return on investment.

In district 4, Darryl Willie, ironically the darling of republicans who want to dismantle our schools, spent 33,609.52, for 8716 votes, for a cost of $3.86 per vote, I don't know how much of that he spent on his KiKi challenge video. Cynthia Smith spent $17,370.75 for 4.149 votes or $4.19 per vote.

Then in district 6 Charlotte Joyce spent $8,396.47 and received 6,629 votes, for a cost of 1.22 per vote while Dave Chauncey spent a crazy 65.952.24 on 6,624 votes, for a cost of a whopping $9.92 per vote. Don't worry none of that money was his, it mostly came from pro charter businessmen who live out of district six and ten count them ten super pacs.

Friends the privatization industry is attempting to buy three school board seats, where they can inflict untold damage upon our schools. They don't care about our children, and would replace our schools with charters manned by Teach for America temps if we would let them get away with it and as you can see they are willing to invest a ton of money to get it done.

We have real options in these races, professional educators and life long residents versus recent transplants with scant education experience and close financial ties to the privatization movement. Which group do you think is going to represent teachers, parents and students?

Some of you might not be sold, well if that is the case let me ask you a couple questions.  Why are charter and voucher interests supporting these three candidates? Why did Howland and Chauncey say they were undecided about amendment 8, whose purpose was to erode local control of public education to benefit charters? What did Willie do with the five million the QEA sent him? Why did he need so much money on the first place and couldn't we have used that money in our schools?

I think you all know the answers to above.

If you care about public education, please consider supporting, Elizabeth Andersen in district 2.

Charlotte Joyce  in district 6,

And Cynthia Smith in 4,

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